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  • Single Review: Plastic Barricades “Lucid in the Fall”

    Plastic Barricades is a faithful moniker of London-based singer-songwriter Dan Kert and his troupe of ever-changing drummers and bass players. 2017 “Mechanics of Life” and 2020 “Self-Theories” form the current studio catalogue, with “We Stayed Indoors” scheduled to follow in early 2023. Plastic Barricades approaches the frustrating cycle between wants and needs in a pair […]

  • A Tribute to Low’s Mimi Parker

    Today I wanted to talk about a band that I found at the end of 2021, they are called Low. From Duluth Minnesota, Low is a band that is known for its minimal arrangements. Founded by husband and wife Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, Low is often associated with the post-grunge movement of slowcore which […]

  • Review: The Smile, A Light For Attracting Attention

    As I near my 27th year I am continuing my venture backwards into popular culture. I am trying to sift through all the cultural artifacts that clutter my brain. Sometimes I will stumble on interlocking pieces, a name I haven’t been able to place will appear on the opening credit of a film. Recently, Everything […]

  • Q1 Favorites

    Now that I have entered the chat as a full-blown music critic. I must offer my inaugural opinion on the state of great albums in our first fiscal Quarter of 2022. These are the albums that stand above the rest between 01/01/22 and 03/31/22. In Chronological order! Pedro The Lion – Havasu Released January 20th […]