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  • Review: Little Green House by Anxious Track-by-Track

    A Track by Track review of Anxious’ Little Green House released on January 21, 2022 via Run For Cover Records. 1. Your One Way Street A dynamic poppy opening track for the record. The lyrics reminisce on a changing relationship, attempting to coalesce the facts with emotions. These themes are present throughout the record. Vocalist […]

  • A Tropical Plane of Absurd Relaxation: An Analysis of Minus the Bear’s Pachuca Sunrise

    Introduction Minus the Bear released Pachuca Sunrise on their 2005 record Menos El Oso (Eponymously titled en espeñol). Menos El Oso is a record that encapsulates the band’s iconic sound. I think there are two important elements to Minus the Bear. The first, Dave Knudson’s (pronounced Kuh-nood-son) Motzart-esque chopped and screwed guitar lines using his […]

  • Beginners to Quitters: Christian Lee Hutson’s New Single ‘Rubberneckers’

    Christian Lee Hutson announced his sophomore effort Quitters on Wednesday with a new single called “Rubberneckers”. The new record Quitters is produced by a familiar cast of characters. The omnipresent Phoebe Bridgers and her partner in crime Conor Oberst take the production credits on the record. This is not the first time the three have […]

  • Turnstile Get It Right With Their Tiny Desk Performance

    January 8th, 2022 Turnstile made their Tiny Desk (At-Home) debut on Wednesday. The Baltimore Hardcore outfit churned through half of their critically acclaimed album ‘Glow On’. 1 The performance consisted of reimagined versions of their euphoria-infused update to Hardcore. Juxtaposed perfectly amid a great wall of stuffed animals. Turnstile bends but sacrifices nothing to the […]